Wild Flowers Of Strathclyde Park


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Wild Flowers Of North Carolina
Stunning pictures and wonderful folklore on how wild flowers were used by the American Indians as medicine and food.
Follow the ' Brown,Green and Blue Link' to the 'Jack In The Pulpit' flower..
Wild Flowers Of Nova Scotia
Wonderful pictures on this site. Click on the 'Glossary', or scroll down to the flower names. You have to know what you want to see by flower name but random clicking will provide great details on the flower and great pictures.
Not all the flower names have images yet, but there are enough images to enjoy.
Wild Flowers In Bloom
This is a comercial site for those who wish to purchase seeds. Click on
'Photos' then on 'Common Name', 'Scientific Name ', or 'Photo Gallery' for
some great images and information.
Wild Flowers And Weeds
On -Line articles on flower identification. While this site is geared more towards Botany, there are some great pictures on the 'Wild Photo Gallery Link'
The 'Learn to Identify Plants By Families' link on this page is one of the best introductions to plant identification I have ever seen.
By following simple rules, it is surprisingly easy to identify the family that a particular plant belongs to. There is a mass of information here and some wonderful pictures.

Wild Flowers of Baxter State Park
Excellent pictures

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